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Custom Poker Cloth
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This site was created for one simple reason. To give every poker player the perfect custom poker cloth “Felt” for their poker table. Our specialty is customization. We can bring any thing you can imagine to life on the surface of a poker table cloth from custom logos to full size photographs.

Our custom poker cloth or “Poker Felt” is 100% woven polyester and even water proof. The process we use is dye sublimation which dyes your custom logo or art work directly into the fabric so it will never fade or peel away. This process is the same used by all major casinos throughout the world. It’s not like any fake imitation or screen printing onto cloth. This custom poker cloth dyeing application will ensure that your poker cloth art work never fades away or isn’t peeled away with time.

This is the most durable surface on the market today. The poker cards will easily slide across this playing surface because it is in the speed cloth category. All In Poker Cloth is also cheaper than most custom poker table cloths on the market today!

At All In Poker you can rest assured that you will get the best customer service available. We are available almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We don’t make you wait for a return phone call or wait a few days for an email back. We reply to all inquiries immediately. We pride ourselves in providing high quality custom service! Get your projects completed in record turnaround time and increase your sales if you are a manufacturer.

All In Poker also provides special discounts for Casinos and Professional manufacturing companies. Please contact a sales representative today at 1-800-795-7089 for pricing information.

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